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Ron the Web Guy

  • Web Design
314 S 3rd St
Roslyn, WA 98941
(425) 243-7239
Mon-Fri 10-6PM
  • About

    Hello, I am Ron – aka: Ron the Web Guy. I specialize in digital marketing with a focus on developing eCommerce websites. I have been working to develop websites and market online for both large and small companies since 1996, and I love it.

    Humble Beginnings:
    Circa 1995, working with just a basic desktop in the back of my parents Real Estate office in Cle Elum, WA, I used my spare time to teach myself how to code websites, and by early 1996 I had launched two of them. One was a database-driven real estate website (the first of its kind in central WA) and the other site sold used Land Cruiser and Jeep parts. For those that remember those days … this was all done on old-school 28.8 dial-up modems (remember that squealy connection sound?) and using only NotePad on Windows 3.1.

    Fast Forward:
    Now, 25+ years later, I have built, edited, and/or managed numerous websites for companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, T-Mobile, Car Toys, Just Differentials, ProActive Gears and many more. I am experienced in many eCommerce platforms/marketplaces including Volusion, WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, eBay, Amazon, among others.

    Final Thought:
    Representing your business online is way more than just a pretty website. If you are serious about successfully selling your products and/or services online - you should be serious about working with someone who can do more than just build a pretty website.