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Kittitas County COVID-19 Vaccination Update (Frequently Asked Questions)

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January 08, 2021
Kittitas County, WA - 01/08/2021 - Kittitas County is seeing a theme of questions, locally, regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. We will continue to provide as much information as possible as the COVID-19 vaccine process continues. Below is a list of frequently asked questions:
Who do I contact about getting the vaccine? 

Right now, we are providing as much information to the public as possible via press release, social media, and voice messaging in Kittitas County.
Should I get on a waiting list for the COVID vaccine?

There is no waiting or notification list for future COVID-19 vaccine.   As we receive additional information from the State on vaccine availability and tier changes, we will share this via press release, social media and voice messaging in Kittitas County. 

When can I get the vaccine?

If you are in the 1a category you are eligible to receive a vaccine and should speak with your agency lead regarding getting on the vaccine schedule.  We are waiting for additional vaccine supply.   

The 1b guidelines have been released by the state.  When we receive additional vaccine supply and clearance from the State, we will begin vaccinating B1. is a graph provided by that state that shows a tentative timeline.

When are we getting more vaccine in the county?

We have requested more vaccine; however, we do not know when it will arrive.  We have specifically requested Pfizer vaccine; we believe our county has a higher likelihood of getting Pfizer because of the difficult logistical issues in holding that vaccine.  We will send out a press release whenever we receive additional vaccine.

Where can I get the vaccine?

For the first round of 1a, vaccine was distributed at Kittitas Valley Healthcare.  For the first round of b, the county will choose a point of distribution for people to come for vaccine.  That location is under determination now by the IMT.  Eventually, with increased supply, individuals will ultimately have access in various ways either by healthcare provider, pharmacy, or possible community vaccine clinic.

What does the state mean when they use terms like co-morbidities or multigenerational?

We are directing questions about state guidelines to the state.  Phase 1, Tier B was just recently released.  We anticipate more clarification from the state in the coming days.
I am in the 1a category and didn’t get a vaccine.  How do I get a vaccine now?

If you are in the 1a category, please reach out to your agency/employer leadership.  Agency/employer leadership should reach out to Kittitas Valley Healthcare.

I’ve had COVID-19.  Do I still need the vaccine?

The recommendation is to get a vaccine after you have cleared the illness. Evidence suggests that it is uncommon for reinfection after 90 days from an initial infection and should consider getting the vaccine at that time.  You also do not need to get an antibody test in order to get a COVID-19 vaccine if you have already had COVID.

The IMT has a branch of personnel specifically in place to request, plan for, and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine.  Our goal will continue to be efficient distribution, which does not include stockpiling or wasting vaccine.  As soon as additional vaccine supplies enter our county, they will be distributed to the individuals in the released phases and tiers provided by the state.

To read about COVID-19 vaccine, please visit or If you have questions about COVID-19 testing, you may contact your healthcare provider or the KVH COVID clinic at 509-933-8850. If you have questions about your health, please contact your healthcare provider.  If you are having a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the Emergency Department at KVH. 

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