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NEST + FLOW Handmade Goods



About Us

NEST + FLOW Handmade Goods started out as a meditative hobby, quickly grew into a creative obsession, and eventually turned into a small business as a way to spread my love for candles and their ability to turn any space into an environment of coziness, relaxation, and peace. Fire has a calming element, whether it's sitting around a bonfire at a campground or just sitting in a room with a candle, and it's this feeling that NEST + FLOW is focused on spreading, especially in our current times. My hope is that people who take home my soy candles, hand-crafted in Grandview, WA, get to experience even just a bit of the feeling that the candles create for me.

In addition to making candles, I am a full-time elementary school teacher, a lover of the outdoors, and a dog-mom to two lovable pups.

Each candle is made with 100% soy wax. Soy wax burns incredible cleanly and is much healthier to have in your household compared to traditional store-bought waxes and candles.

The oils used in each candle are also designed to burn cleanly to avoid releasing harmful chemicals into the air like phthalates. As a tribute to my mom, who died of cancer when I was 20, I choose oils specifically free of chemicals known to cause cancer as my way to honor her memory.

Being outside in the fresh air is one of my favorite things, and my goal is that these candles protect that clean air that I love so much.