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Whitestone Design Group


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About Us

Whitestone Design Group is a full-service, turn key, luxury Interior Design Firm that specializes in new construction and large scale remodels. We are best known for our early collaboration with architects and builders accomplishing a truly elevated design project with a satisfying client experience from start to finish. We thrive on projects that allow for innovation and creativity.From selecting architectural details and finishes, to designing a functional space with furniture, fabric and accessories, we aim to bring our Clients style to life in our Whitestone way.


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Client Experience Specialist | Design Assistant
Category: Retail
The role of the Client Experience Specialist is to serve as a liaison between the company and its clients. The role of a Design Assistant is responsible for providing administrative and clerical support while working within a team environment, collaborating directly with their Lead Designer, Procurement Manager, and Design Principals. This hybrid role requires a strong love of systems and more
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