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How Kittitas County Communities Benefit From Holiday Shop Local Campaigns

A successful holiday season can make or break a small business. That's why holiday shop local campaigns are so important. Not only do they benefit the businesses involved, but they also strengthen the local economy and benefit the community as a whole.


When done right, a holiday shop local campaign can be the high point of the year. But how do you go about kicking off a campaign? And how can businesses promote and incentivize shoppers to buy local? Read on to find out from the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce.


How to Start a Holiday Shop Local Campaign


There are a few key things you need to do to kick off a successful holiday shop local campaign. First, you need to start early. The sooner you start planning and promoting your campaign, the better. Second, you need to get buy-in from as many businesses as possible. The more businesses that are on board, the more successful your campaign will be. Finally, you need to make sure your marketing is on point. Your marketing should be creative, eye-catching, and most importantly, it should clearly communicate the benefits of shopping local.


How to Promote Your Local Campaign


There are a few different ways businesses can promote their involvement in a holiday shop local campaign. One way is through traditional advertising methods like print ads, radio ads, and TV ads. Another way is through digital marketing methods like social media ads and email marketing campaigns. And finally, word-of-mouth promotion is always effective. Make sure your employees are talking up the campaign to customers and encourage them to do the same with their friends and family members.


How Businesses Can Incentivize Shopping Local


One of the best ways to incentivize shopping locally during the holidays is by offering discounts and deals exclusively for shoppers who buy from locally-owned businesses. You can also offer special gifts or set up a giveaway contest for those who shop local. And don't forget about loyalty programs! If you have one in place, make sure to promote it heavily during the holidays so that customers know they'll be getting extra bang for their buck if they shop with you instead of at a big box store.


Another great promotional strategy is to create a gift guide that encourages local shopping. If you don’t know where to start, just create a Word document detailing local sales, add some high quality product images, then use a free tool to convert Word to PDF. Then, you can send it out via email and add it to your website, too.


How Businesses Can Support One Another


One of the best things about holiday shop local campaigns is that they bring businesses together and create a sense of community spirit. Take advantage of this by teaming up with other locally owned businesses for joint marketing efforts and co-hosting events. This will not only save you money, but it will also help spread the word about your campaign far and wide. And when customers see that there's a strong sense of community among locally owned businesses, they're more likely to want to support those businesses over national chains.


How Businesses Can Give Back During the Holidays


Giving back is always important, but it's especially important during the holidays. There are lots of ways businesses can give back during the holidays, but one of the best ways is by partnering with a local charity or nonprofit organization. You can host fundraisers, donation drives, or volunteer events – or even just donate a portion of your proceeds to a worthy cause. Whatever you do, make sure your customers know that you're giving back so they can feel good about supporting your business knowing that their money is going to a good cause.


Holiday shop local campaigns are so important for small businesses and communities. Not only do they benefit the businesses involved, but they also strengthen the local economy and benefit the community as a whole. If you're thinking about starting a holiday shop local campaign in your community, make sure to start early and get as many businesses on board as possible. And don't forget about promoting your campaign. The more people who know about it, the more successful it will be!

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